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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fixing Corporate Culture, Obama's New Behavioral Science Policy and Expert Interviews: Ethical Systems October Newsletter

Collaborator of the Month: Author and Professor Dolly Chugh

I have always been fascinated by the three dimensional reality of human behavior. That is, none of us are perfectly ethical all of the time, and it's that reality that I am most interested in. In what ways are we less ethical and less egalitarian than we intend to be? Under what conditions? Why? Those questions lie at the heart of my work on bounded ethicality, which refers to the systematic and ordinary psychological constraints on our ethical behavior.

Learn more about how to induce ethical decision making, gender diversity on corporate boards and her latest projects

Executive Orders: Integrating Behavioral Science and Fighting Corruption

Behavioral sciences are the key to unlocking better decision making, from study halls to the halls of power. The White House echoed our view via an Executive Order outlining that behavioral insights be used to better serve the American people. What began as a nudge, is now a full-on push.
See how lessons from behavioral science will help us all >>

Did You Get the Memo? Confronting Corporate Wrongdoing

In a speech at NYU Law last week, hosted by the school's Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement, Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates presented a memo covering a new Department of Justice initiative designed to fight corporate fraud and other misconduct by going after individuals who perpetrated the wrongdoing.
Read the memo, see the speech and learn more >>

Bad Apples, Bad Barrels or Bad Barrel Makers?

Incorporating ethical systems design- whether as a reaction to increased enforcement or merely a desire to ensure corporate adherence to compliance regulations- will help organizations see that a well designed barrel prevents bruising of individual apples. Once companies begin designing better barrels, everyone will reap the fruits of the harvest.

Bribery and Behaviors From the Front-Line

Part 1: All about Richard's background in international sales and the eventual investigation; trial and sentence that landed him in prison. He also discusses the best foundations of anti-bribery programs and the most useful resources to learn more about human behavior.

Part 2 Richard's thoughts on current climate of anti-bribery efforts, what leaders can do to discourage corruption and how companies can move from a culture of compliance to one centered on ethics.

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