Why Barry Freed is my new literary hero...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“Milty, old boy, come back here,” Ayn Rand said to Milton Friedman in her husky Russian accented voice as she lit yet another cigarette and sprawled her lithe naked frame enticingly on the divan, “I may have said selfishness is a virtue but I never meant in bed.” 

(Not sure if "Freed" is a real name or a reference to Abbie Hoffman) Read the rest of this saucy political science fiction here:



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I teach them all the good I can, and recommend them to others from whom I think they will get some moral benefit. And the treasures that the wise men of old have left us in their writings I open and explore with my friends. If we come on any good thing, we extract it, and we set much store on being useful to one another. - Socrates, Memorabilia
What we maintain is that in none of the problems of life can men afford to lose sight of the storehouse bequeathed to them by the ancients. In the complexus of everything which differentiates man from the brute creation, the voice of antiquity must be heard...

-H. Browne, quoted in "Classics and Citizenship" The Classical Quarterly, 1920